Seamless Data Migration Services for Enterprise Systems by Intelizign

Data migration is a crucial aspect of enterprise system deployments, yet it is often underestimated and challenging. At Intelizign, we offer top-notch data migration services that include cleaning, transforming, and migrating legacy data. Our approach involves identifying scope, assessing data quality, defining transformations, planning iterations, and testing models to ensure successful migration. We specialize in data migration for PDM, PLM, CAD, ERP, and custom applications.

Our Services:

At Intelizign, we provide comprehensive data migration services that include:

Legacy Data Migration:

We have hands-on expertise in extraction, transformation, and loading of legacy data for various types of business systems.

ETL (Extraction, Transformation, and Loading) Projects:

We follow an internal set of guidelines and techniques to ensure successful ETL projects.

Hybrid Migration:

We propose hybrid migration projects where the client migrates some data manually while we use automated tools for others.


Our data migration services come with the following features:

As-Is Analysis: We start with an as-is analysis of your current state and existing processes to ensure smooth migration.

To-Be Definition: We decide how your new system will be set up and running and how it will impact your current processes.

System Selection: We determine the best techniques that suit your project and lay out a project plan.

Implementation: We verify and validate your data to ensure seamless migration to the new system.

Go Live: We prepare and help you go live with the new system.


Our data migration services offer numerous benefits to enterprises, including:

Improved Data Quality: Our services help enterprises improve their data quality while moving away from previously siloed and segmented data.

Increased Overall Productivity: We reduce swivel chair activities associated with using multiple systems for a single task or process, leading to increased productivity.

Improved Data Security: Our services help enterprises build a single source of truth for the PLM data, leading to improved data security.

In conclusion, at Intelizign, we provide reliable and efficient data migration services that help enterprises successfully migrate to new systems with minimal disruption to their operations. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you achieve a seamless data migration experience.

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