EzXChangeData Exchange Solution for Teamcenter

EzXchange is a simple plugin to Teamcenter that makes data exchange with Teamcenter easier, faster and configurable. The plug-in is fine tuned for Teamcenter to deliver a high performance data exchange and to reduce overall implementation time.

Key Elements

  • EZXchange is a highly configurable, scalable and easy to use solution for all your data exchange needs with Teamcenter. It provides data exchange engine that supports REST/SOAP webservices for data exchange with Teamcenter. It supports multiple data export formats like JSON, XML, EXCEL. 
  • EZXchange is a high-performance data exchange solution with Teamcenter. It is scalable to support multiple data exchange use cases of all your enterprise systems, applications, reporting platforms with Teamcenter PLM.
  • EZXchange is compatible for data exchange with Teamcenter for any reporting, application development, integration/interface.
  • EZXchange Teamcenter connection compatible with Mendix for quick applications development with no-code.

Most Optimised data exchange solution for Teamcenter that supports faster Data Export / Import

Supports all Teamcenter Data types like Items, relations, BOM, forms, POM, configuration rules, security etc.

Intuitive user interface for use-case configuration for both data export and import