Active Workspace

Implementation Services​

We provide a complete package of services for full cycle Active Workspace implementation projects. Based on our experience and applying the most productive tools and repeatable templates our consultants deliver value-adding services at every stage of the project life cycle.

What we do

Thanks to our many successful projects enabling our customers with Active workspace, our service offering now contains “Repeatable templates” that are used specifically to optimize the implementation life cycle and reduce cost.

Repeatable templates is a collection of,

  • Requirement Checklist (repeated functional and non-functional).
  • Quick Enablers – a set of reusable configuration & customization code.
  • Best practices, cheat sheet documents.

Repeatable allows project implementation team to make efficient use of active workspace components that have proved to be successful in the past and reduce unnecessary variations that can tie up time, effort and budget.

Key Features

Active Workspace Transition Consulting

Cutover transition, use case driven transition.

Repeatable Templates

Templates to plan, design and implement Active workspace projects.

Active Workspace Usability Catalysts

Advanced grids, visualize tree structure, Contextual charts & graphs.

"Go Live" Catalysts

Utilities and scripts to optimize productive data indexing, SOLR optimization and sync process.

Proof Of Concept Services

Help our clients discover and evaluate active workspace enablement faster.