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Intelizign - Script Manager

The Script Manager extension is an essential tool designed specifically for Polarion Administrators to streamline the management of scripts within the Polarion environment. With a built-in script editor, Polarion administrators can focus on their tasks without switching between different tools. This plugin empowers polarion administrators with the capability to perform script file operations, including creation, updation, renaming, and deletion.

Within Polarion, we have integrated a Code Editor to enhance user experience. Prioritizing security and control, this extension ensures that only users with Global Admin role can access its features. It offers a seamless and user-friendly interface for managing all script-related activities.


This plugin triggers a custom script on the Pre- and Post-Save actions of a LiveDoc document for Validations/Actions.


Plugin Manager

Script Manager extension for Polarion is a comprehensive solution designed to empower Polarion administrators in efficiently managing and customizing script files within the Polarion Platform.

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