CAD Integrations

Teamcenter manages globally distributed mechanical computer-aided design (MCAD) and electronic computer-aided design (ECAD) tools, data and processes across multiple product configurations and locations.

All the CAD data can be brought in a single product data management (PDM) environment with Teamcenter CAD management. Leveraging CAD data management and the ISO standard, CAD-neutral 3D format JT, true multi-CAD management can be achieved across major CAD design tools including NX, Solid Edge, CATIA, SolidWorks, Pro-Engineer/CREO, AutoCAD and Inventor.

SIEMENS Teamcenter CAD Integration

Reduces product development cycle time and enables the users to rapidly search for designs and manage data revisions, product configurations and addresses the following key functional requirements.

  • On-demand access to Teamcenter parts, assemblies, drawings and data from inside CAD tool.
  • Data integration functionality includes bi-directional data transfer and data synchronization.
  • Manage Multi-CAD product development.
  • Data capture, control and sharing in a highly secure Teamcenter environment.
  • Expandable PLM scope to meet your growing requirements by taking advantage of Teamcenter’s comprehensive product portfolio.


  • Proven solution from SIEMENS validated with many successful implementations across the globe.
  • Less time spent by design teams finding the right CAD data.
  • Higher levels of understanding and communication among product teams throughout the supply chain.
  • Faster product change and approval processes that facilitate shorter time-to market.
  • Seamless bi-directional integration providing closed-loop integration.
  • Reduced Cost, Effort and Implementation Time as the solution is highly configurable.

Intelizign Advantage

Our consultants work closely with Design and Integrations team to develop Teamcenter – CAD integration solutions that provide Seamless multi-CAD integrations with Teamcenter and create a truly Collaborative Environment for efficient Product Design.

  • Over 10+ project implementations for different CAD integrations.
  • 10+ years of Expertise in PLM, CAD Integrations.
  • Recognised by SIEMENS as one of the best partners in providing Implementation services.
  • Aligned with Industry best practices in implementing these solutions.
  • Cost effective with right-shore approach.
  • Implementations aligned to the Product Roadmap through Intelizign’s Collaborative Product Development partnership with SIEMENS.
  • Ready customer references.

Case Studies

CAD integrations case study