Enhanced User Interface Built For Users

Usability is a unique service offering that combines Field Experience, UX Expertise, and Catalysts to deliver the best in class user experience for different Teamcenter applications.


Usability Enhancements Highlights

  • New Business object creation made much more simplified.
  • All relevant information related to Process Model made available at one place.
  • Release Process Validations available in a more intuitive UI.
  • Ability to take decisions on validation failures in workflow processes in a single UI.
  • Where Used analysis made more intuitive and filterable / sortable.
  • Workflow Inbox made more intuitive and user friendly.

Key Features

Plug-In Application

Easily connects to Teamcenter without any hassles.

Interactive Dashboard

View & Act on data intuitively in the same window.

Highly Configurable

Look at the data, “How You Like It“, enabled by our Stylesheet driven framework.

Less Clicks

Less Clicks, Less Time, More Efficiency.

No Additional Client

Users don’t have to use any separate client or application than Teamcenter to view the analytics.