Schema Modeler

To view, update, scan and compare the 3DEXPERIENCE Schema.

Schema Modeler (SCM) simplifies the deployment of 3DEXPERIENCE ENOVIA development and support changes, as well as version and fix pack upgrades across multiple environments like Development, QA, and Production. This command-driven tool enhances efficiency by reducing manual tasks and scripting errors. 

 It allows exporting schema configurations to XML and XLSX formats from the 3DEXPERIENCE system and importing XML configurations back into the system. This streamlines processes such as adding, deleting, updating, scanning, and comparing 3DEXPERIENCE schemas. 

Key Features: 

  • Improved performance: Improved performance by allowing to extract the report both in XML and XLSX format. With this solution, our customers have reduced ENOVIA environment management and upgrade times by up to 60% 
  • Reduced Errors: Using SCM’s accurate comparison reports, schema upgrade errors are reduced by 100% compared to manual comparisons. 
  • Easy Installation: It’s a light-weight installation with no addition to the database. 
  • Supports all version: Configurable for ENOVIA 2013x & all 3DEXPERIENCE versions. 
  • No prior experience: Require no prior programming experience. 
  • Offline Review: It enables offline review and modification of schema. 


  • Schema Modeler simplifies the process of migrating schemas to 100% by eliminating the need for scripts for schema extraction. 
  • It enables offline review and modification of ENOVIA schemas, saving our customers 60% of their upgrade time. 
  • It reduces manual and scripting errors related to schema by 40% during 3DEXPERIENCE implementation, upgrades, or migrations. 
  • It enhances the performance of large data import/export by 30% compared to other services when using XML file import/export.