Bid Process Automation

BidSuite allows you to automate the bid process, bid estimation, bid conditioning and bid generation. As a result, it is possible to respond to the quotes in a short period of time, improve efficiency, optimize the process, and use resources more effectively, as well as overcome the issues associated with conventional bid processing methods.

Key Elements

  • User Management: Estimated number of user roles in EPC Business is 13 (Admin, Sales Lead, Damex Manager, BU Head, Bid Manager, Engineering Manager, Legal Officer, Safety Officer, Commercial Officer, PLM Manager, Commercial Manager, Purchasing Manager & Buyer).
  • Market Potential Management: Add and manage potential leads with this function.
  • Opportunity Management: Potential leads can be converted into an opportunity after required checks internally.
  • Bid Project Management: LOA (Limits of Authority) Risk Evaluation and Mitigation RFQ Analysis Pre-bid Design Vendor RFQ Bid Costing Bid Package.
  • Add-Ons: Statistics Report, Email Configuration, Dashboard Notification, SSO Login, File upload, download & PDF file viewer, Secure Pdf, Zip Handling Process, Import/Export of Email template/dashboard notification template in xml format, Import of excel data.

Key Features

Ease Of Collaboration

Everyone involved in the bidding process is interconnected into the application, where communication gets improved between project members and stakeholders. This results in optimization of resources and brings transparency.

Analyze Risk And Mitigate

Inbuilt LOA Risk Evaluation and Mitigation calculator to detect and mitigate any losses that might arise from the bid, which results in reduction of inaccuracy.

Improved Response Time

Automating the process and making it easy to communicate improves efficiency and therefore reduces the response time compared to the conventional process.

Easily extendable – execution process through PLM Teamcenter

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Improved Response Time