At Intelizign, passion for developing world class solutions takes the front seat and rest everything becomes secondary. The working culture embodies this passion and nurtures the spirit for innovative thought, by cutting the so called layers of hierarchy.

Don’t mistake this passion and technological zeal with “All work and no play……”. Our culture balances work with equal fun, so that Mr. Boredom and Mr. Mundane never get a chance to sneak into Intelizign’s environment.


Come any day and we can assure you that it would be equally dynamic than the previous. One could feel the noise of ideas bustling together across teams, individuals and the workplace overall. With teams requiring to keep pace with the latest cutting edge technology and also with the new customers getting added regularly, Vibrancy can get no better personification than our workplace.

The interesting bit is that all this effervescence is supported by an equally calm and serene Management and Administrative team helping employees recharge their batteries to the fullest for another exciting day ahead.


Nothing more adds to an absorbing days’ work than having to go through the multitudes of formalities that have little or no bearing on the actual work. At Intelizign this is very well understood.

Hence one of the founding principles that has been engraved and practiced is to keep the work environment apolitical and impartial. We appreciate every individual is different and special, without bothering about any bias for race, culture, gender or nationality.


Fun has no one dimension and here at Intelizign we try to bring the maximum of these dimensions to workplace. Every small success or milestone, be it personal or professional is celebrated for everyone by everyone.

We say it’s like a family here at Intelizign and we literally mean it as family outings and get-togethers help employees understand the personal side, thus making the bond stronger and meaningful, creating a workplace one would enjoy to be a part of.