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A team of business consultants, passionate about new technologies & progress

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Our Vision

Our drive is the success of our customers and our vision is to become the most preferred partner, not just be a vendor, for the digitalization in Products and OEM industry.  

With not a single failed implementation in last 16 years of history of Intelizign, it bears testimony to the kind of agile, talented, and globally growing team, that has provided solutions for digital value chain by integrating Domain, Technology and Process expertise. 

Leverage the technological advances to build solutions that Reduce Maintenance Cost, Increase Efficiency and Ensure High return of investment (ROI) for our customers. 

Create a dynamic workplace that fosters innovation coupled with ‘Employee First’ concept benefited both the company and it’s personnel in a number of ways. 

Our History


The First Step…no matter how small, it’s the First. Intelizign is formed, starting its operations from Chennai, India.

2007 - 2011
First Five years
Youth is the Energy…it makes one fearless.  
  • Intelizign starts operations in Pune. 
  • Initial in-roads (or engagements) with Siemens Product Development. 
  • First major international push becoming PLM partner to a leading Turkish OEM who specialize in the White Goods manufacturing. 
  • Intelizign grows business in 2009 even against a strong Global Slowdown. 
  • Expansion in Germany begins and our move into a ‘Fastlane’. 
  • Start of the Bangalore office in 2011 thus adding another prime talent hub to its list of operations. 
2012 - 2016
Later part of the First Decade
World is a global village…let’s be on the right shore.  
  • Formal operations of Intelizign Gmbh, Germany in 2012 to harness a strong hybrid model of solution delivery. 
  • Based on Industry demand, 2013 saw the creation of Products and Solutions by Intelizign which help solve complex PLM implementation problems. 
  • We saw the first formal appreciation of our efforts when in 2014 Intelizign was declared as the No.1 Services partner in Germany by Siemens PLM and repeated the same feat in 2015 as well. That was quite an accomplishment getting the same accolades for two consecutive years. 
  • 2016 saw the continued expansion of Intelizign in the Oil & Gas and Maritime Sector in Europe. Coupled with this was the partnerships with Siemens zones in Europe.
2017 – 2021
Next Five years
Technology creates strength 
  • Intelizign tapped into Turkish markets which had a strong manufacturing hub and expanded offices in Istanbul, Turkey in 2017 based out of Germany 
  • 2018 had exponential growth in CAD Engineering Services, catering to Automotive market and commissioned new offices in Detroit, US. 
  • To enhance our expertise in PLM Platform, Intelizign signed partnership with Mendix and working ‘in-depth’ on Mindsphere in 2019. 
  • 2020 successfully sustained unprecedented impact of COVID globally, Intelizign continued expanding operations in Canada and further expansions in USA and India.  
  • 2021 saw a tremendous growth of 40% growth in US and North America coupled with 30% growth in India with a sustained incremental growth in Germany helped an exponential growth all around in Intelizign which also saw the safe passage of the company from the deadly COVID virus. 

Successful resurgence in most sectors is seeing yet another growth of 25-30% in comparison to 2021. This stands testimony to the value that we bring to our customers. Also, our collaboration with Quest Global is seeing us open into new corridors of the world like western Europe, Asia Pacific and greater inroads into North America into new industry verticals. 

Management Team


Prasad Thutupalli

Prasad brings 28 years of sprawling experience in software and services industry with focus in PLM and Digitization domains. Very successful entrepreneur and visionary leader in building organization, teams, strategies and business processes. His deep insight into technology, architecture and domain knowledge in various industry verticals enabled him to define a clear vision and strategy in driving the business successfully. With a Post-Graduation in Mechanical Engineering and his commendable knowledge of Software Development methodology has given Intelizign the advantage of expertise and well-defined business execution models. Respect for individual, transparency, honesty, high energy and thrive for perfection are way of life for Prasad.


Aejaz Ahmed

Aejaz brings with him about 30 years of extensive experience in the area Software and services. Starting his career as a developer, he had undertaken both Technical and Managerial roles before embarking on the entrepreneur journey to Co-Found Intelizign. His vision combined with his patience and humility helped Intelizign keep focus on Engineering Solutions domain thereby transforming a company started with 5 people into a strong workforce that it is today. Still working at the forefront on technology with the new digitization tools and techniques has helped in the transformation of the company. With a Graduation in Mechanical Engineering combined with the Industry knowledge has given him a commendable leadership position to help solve complex industry problems. The eco system created by Aejaz has led to a strong second level leadership team which has the same value system imbibed from him.


Sridhar Gali

Sridhar brings with him over 17+ years of experience and Automotive and Engineering Services sectors. Excellent Industry functional know-how coupled with in-depth experience in CAD/CAM/PLM. Worked extensively in all major engineering industry verticals such as Automotive, Aerospace, Heavy Engineering, Healthcare and Hi-Tech sectors. Is very passionate about delivery excellence and has been instrumental in business development. Sridhar is a keen strategist with a flair for driving process Innovations and Organization development.


Urban August

Urban brings exceptional experience and success in business strategy and development to the company. After earning a degree in electrical engineering from the University of Applied Sciences Cologne, he joined Siemens in 1985. He had played various key roles like Director, Vice president and CEO at multiple Siemens companies across the globe managing Software Development, Research, Sales and Strategies. In these roles Urban had driven various businesses to greater heights and success. Urban represents the digital transformation in the industries which he has been accompanied for many years. His long years of experience are pushing our Solutions and Services to the next level and serve our customers to create and realise a vision for connected engineering.


Stefan Wehrstein

Stefan brings 20+ years of experience on software architecture and Product Lifecycle to Intelizign. With a strong passion on software performance and quality of software solutions, he is leading the consulting team in Germany and ensuring that we are keeping a way over average pace on our functional and technical deliveries. Stefan has been working in multiple areas of industry software solution and he is now helping our customer to find the right solutions and to get our best team to implement it.

Our Partners


Intelizign honestly believes in holistic and sustainable business growth that is not only bound to account books but is also measured by parameters such as contributions towards society & environment, value delivered to customers and above all the ethical governance used to achieve the growth. The growth story at Intelizign is fueled by all the above factors working in unison to create long lasting and reliable business growth that our customers, employees and social environment can bank on.

Financial Stability

Our business growth built on a sound financial model is organic in nature and is backed by effective planning and vigilant management. The consistent growth over the last decade has infused the required confidence in our customers as well as employees that augur very well for a long-lasting fruitful relationship.

Financial Stability
Customer Focus

Customer Focus

We believe in the philosophy that an organization can have no better Sales team than a happy and satisfied customer. Whatever we do, we place paramount importance on “customer focus”, seeking to maximize customer satisfaction by proactively anticipating their needs and continuously looking at things that would add value to the engagement.

Ethical & Corporate Governance

Ethical governance is an integral part of our day-to-day activities in managing the business at Intelizign, thus bringing more transparency and openness with our customers, employees and all the statutory government bodies that we interact with.

Corporate Governance


Intelizign appreciates the important role that the conducive social environment has played in shaping it and also in expanding its operations to different corners of the world. With that gratitude, Intelizign team works on multiple initiatives to enable the creation of a conducive environment for multitudes of others around us who are deprived of it, in some or the other form.


Intelizign understands its responsibilities towards the Environment and the steps we need to take to pass on a better legacy to our future generations. Through many of our set standard procedures, we choose to promote the public interest by voluntarily eliminating practices that harm human health and the environment.


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