Boost Your Teamcenter​

Performance solution helps customers Benchmark, Analyze, Enhance and Monitor Teamcenter Performance. The solution is offered as Consulting and Implementation services to cater to the unique requirements of each Teamcenter installation.

Where all is Analyzed?

It is very well known that the performance issues in Teamcenter cannot be attributed to a single architectural layer. Hence the measures for performance improvements need to be implemented in a holistic manner covering all the major layers starting from client to the database.

At a very high level following are the layers across which the Teamcenter Performance is analyzed


  • Database.
  • Wide Area Network.

Client Layer

  • Use Cases.
  • Chattines.


  • Import/Export.

Teamcenter Server

  • Access Control.
  • Searching in Teamcenter.
  • Runtime Properties.
  • Workflows.
  • CAD and other Integrations.

Performance Monitoring

Key Features

Teamcenter Database Tuning

Identify bottlenecks and optimize DB transactions.

Datamodel Optimization

Helps correct Performance at the foundation level.

Metadata Growth

Rationalize Metadata Growth & periodically Cleanup Redundant Data.

Performance Monitoring

Performance & Stability Monitoring using Integrated tools.

Use Case Level

Closes the loop – Performance Analysis for Use Cases.