Operational Intelligence In Teamcenter

IZOI is an activity-centric solution providing real time operational intelligence on Teamcenter client (Rich or AWC). The solution enables downstream Teamcenters users to sense and respond to changing business data / conditions through fully integrated analytics, grids, intelligent actions on OOTB Teamcenter views.

Key Elements

  • Operational Intelligence on End User’s prime Client. Rich Client and Active Workspace.
  • End users can view OI and act.
  • Not just static list of data, but dynamic real-time data on interactive charts, graphs and grids.
  • Very effective / proven data search, traversal and mining engine.
  • Less Chatty: Just 1 server call per report.

Key Features

Plug-In Application

Easily connects to Teamcenter without any hassles.

Interactive Dashboard

View & Act on data intuitively in the same window.

Highly Configurable

Look at the data, “How You Like It“, enabled by our Stylesheet driven framework.

Less Clicks

Less Clicks, Less Time, More Efficiency.

No Additional Client

Users don’t have to use any separate client or application than Teamcenter to view the analytics.