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We have over 15 years of partnership with Siemens in providing Digitization and PLM services and have further extended this partnership with Mendix in providing consulting, application development and expert services.


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We have partnered with Mendix to provide the best innovative and efficient digitization solutions. We specialize in custom software development,mobile app development, website design and development, cloud services and business intelligence solutions. With a team of highly skilled software developers, designers, and system architects, we bring decades of experience to all of our clients. From concept to completion and beyond, we can provide the perfect solution for any business. Our team diligently works to ensure all the digitization solutions we deliver are of the highest quality, stable, and easy to use. We take pride in crafting products that can transform your idea into a growable business.

ISV Partnership

Independant Software Vender Program provides an ideal set of benefits to enable us to successfully develop, bring to market, sell, and deploy software solutions built on Mendix’s leading low-code development platform. The solutions Intelizign developed are


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Intelizign announced today that it has become an official Mendix…