Driving Efficiency and Compliance: A Case Study in Polarion Customization for Automotive Excellence 

Delivered configuration & release management, defect & issue resolution, and customization through workflow, work item, and script development. Reports were designed and administrative tasks performed such as user creation, permission management, and job scheduler scripting. 

Client Domain – Automotive Supplier  

Project Duration – 1 Year 

About Client   

German Company that specializes in the development and production of automotive electrical systems, interior components and battery systems for electric vehicles. 

Business Requirements 

The business requirements included the development of the following modules to streamline their operations. 

  • Release Management 
  • Requirement Management 
  • Verification & Validation 
  • Configuration Management 
  • Defect Management 

Solution Highlights 

  • Business Requirement IdentificationMeticulously identified and comprehended the client’s requirements. Subsequently, devised a tailored solution to meet these requirements. 
  • Design and Implementation Using OOTB & Custom Work Items, Pre-Post Save Scripts, Custom Jobs & SchedulersCustom fields were created through the Polarion UI, and post-save and pre-save scripts were employed to establish baselines. 
  • Implementation of Business Scenarios, Workflow Automation, Notification, and Approval ProcessesWorkflow scripts were developed to automate processes, custom notifications were integrated into the Polarion UI, and scripts for approval processes were written. 
  • Provision of Custom Reports for Business Process EnhancementsMultiple custom reports, including Document Comparison Reports, pie charts, high charts, and Traceability Reports, were provided to facilitate process improvements. 
  • Development of Custom Plugins and Widgets to Address Complex RequirementsCustom plugins and widgets were designed to address requirements that could not be met through existing solutions. 

Key Highlights 

Improved Collaboration 

The project provided a centralized platform that fostered collaboration among teams working on software development projects, leading to enhanced communication and error reduction. 

Fast Development & Implementation 

Leveraging the Polarion ALM engine accelerated development significantly, resulting in cost reductions. 

80% Efficiency Increase 

The automation of manual processes within software development, including testing and documentation, resulted in time savings and overall efficiency improvements. 

Enhanced Compliance 

Tools were provided to manage compliance with industry standards and regulations, such as ISO 26262 and IEC 62304. 


Tech Stack 

Business Impact 

By utilizing the Polarion ALM engine, we were able to speed up the development process and reduce costs. 

The central platform for team collaboration facilitated communication and error reduction. 

The automation of manual software development processes, such as testing and documentation, saved time and enhanced overall efficiency. 

Real-time visibility into project status, progress, and potential issues was achieved through custom reports and traceability graphs. 

Tools were provided to ensure compliance with industry standards and regulations, including ISO 26262 and IEC 62304. 


For Further Inquiries 

www.intelizign.com | polarion.services@intelizign.com 

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