Teamcenter Search Made Easy​

InteliSearch provides the most intuitive way to configure and search Teamcenter data. It is backed by a highly optimized search algorithm and a user friendly interface that not only reduces the time but also improves the efficiency of Teamcenter users.

What All Can Be Searched

  • Documents related to Part Revisions.
  • Datasets related to Documents related to Part Revisions.
  • Items/Items Revisions related to Change Objects.
  • BOM Search
  • Classification Based Search.
  • Workflow Tasks in various states in combination with Business Data.
  • All Teamcenter Business Objects.

Key Features

Plug-In Application

Simple plug-in to your OOTB/Customized Teamcenter.

Interactive Graphical User Interface

Create Teamcenter Queries Graphically.

Business Context

Search data as per Business Needs than how it is stored in Teamcenter.

In Context Search

Search related data in context of Change, BOM, etc.

1-Click Switch

Easily switch between context data & Search results.

Import And Reuse

Simply import and Reuse your Teamcenter queries.