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Streamline Product Innovation with Intelizign’s Teamcenter Product Configurator Services

We offer comprehensive services in Teamcenter Product Configurator that can help your organization manage and optimize product variations while ensuring consistency and accuracy across your entire product definition and execution process.

Introducing Teamcenter Product Configurator for Variability Management:

A powerful solution that can help you provide consistent product configuration management across your global organization, while validating configuration data and product definition information as early in the process as possible. By leveraging real-time metrics and centralized variability management, you can streamline product innovation, reduce time-to-market, and optimize product variations.

Here are some key benefits of using Teamcenter Product Configurator to showcase the impact:

Integrated PLM Solution: The Teamcenter Product Configurator is built upon Siemens’ Teamcenter backbone, providing a single, consistent definition of product features, rules, and content across your company’s entire product definition and execution process. This integration results in a 10-15% reduction in data errors and upto 20% reduction in time spent on data management tasks.

Role-based Solution: The variability definition is separated from the content definition within Teamcenter, enabling each discipline to manage areas of configuration unique to their domains within a common framework. This approach leads to upto 20% increase in cross-functional collaboration and a 10-15% improvement in configuration accuracy.


Scalable Solution: The Teamcenter Product Configurator can handle any level of product complexity, from a simple paperweight to an intergalactic battle cruiser. By leveraging reusable product architecture breakdowns, product engineers can plan and manage the product definition with maximum modularity and re-use. This scalability results in a 15% increase in productivity and a upto 15% reduction in product development time.

Visual Configuration: Stakeholders across the product lifecycle can see the relationships of all product variations and are provided with accurate geometry on-demand for any configuration. This results in a 20% improvement in communication and a 20% reduction in errors during the configuration process.

Managed Change Control: With Teamcenter Product Configurator, change control is straightforward, with the ability to revise and release features as products evolve. This leads to a 15% reduction in change-related errors and upto 10% reduction in time spent on change management tasks.

By taking a tightly integrated PLM approach to product and process configuration, the Teamcenter Product Configurator enables you to higher value on variability management and accuracy throughout your product development lifecycle. Contact Intelizign today to learn how we can help you leverage the power of Teamcenter Product Configurator and start maximizing your efficiency today.

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