Database Migration from Oracle to MSSQL

Streamlined Database Migration from Oracle to MSSQL

Database migration is a pivotal step for businesses aiming to optimize your data infrastructure, enhance performance, and reduce costs.  

At Intelizign, we specialize in seamless database migration services, backed by over 12 years of experience in migrating multiple Oracle and SQL versions. We guide organizations through a smooth transition from Oracle to SQL, preserving data integrity and minimizing disruptions.  

With our post migration database optimization service, our customers have seen a 25-30% improvement in their application performance. 

Our Services:

Assessment and Planning – Our team collaborates with your organization for comprehensive assessment of your existing Oracle database and to develop a tailored migration plan, getting clear objectives and timelines. 

Data Extraction and Transformation – We extract data from your Oracle database and meticulously transform it to align with SQL’s schema and data model. 

Rigorous Testing – Our migration process includes thorough testing to ensure data integrity and functionality are maintained throughout the transition. 

Smooth Deployment – We execute the migration plan with minimal downtime, ensuring a seamless transition to SQL. 

Post-Migration Optimization – After migration, we optimize your SQL database for peak performance, ensuring it meets your specific needs. 

Oracle to MSSQL Database Migration Services


Cost Savings: Migrating from Oracle to MSSQL Server can result in significant cost savings due to lower licensing and maintenance costs. On average, companies can reduce their database costs by 30-50% by moving to SQL Serve 

Improved Performance: MSSQL Server offers performance optimization features that can result in up to 30% faster query execution and improved application responsiveness. 

Reduced Downtime: A well-planned migration can minimize downtime. In some cases, organizations have achieved near-zero downtime during migration. 

Enhanced Security: MSSQL Server provides advanced security features, and a well-executed migration can help improve data security and compliance with regulations. 

Scalability: MSSQL Server’s scalability can allow customers to handle growing data volumes and user loads without a significant increase in costs. 

Compatibility: A well-executed migration ensures compatibility with existing applications, reducing the need for costly application rewrites or modifications. 

Simplified Management: MSSQL Server’s management tools can simplify database administration, potentially reducing database management costs by up to 50%. 

License Optimization: Properly managing SQL Server licenses can result in cost savings, as licenses can be tailored to actual usage. 

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