Site Consolidation

Site consolidation is the process used by an enterprise to reduce the number of Teamcenter sites supported by that enterprise. A typical large enterprise may reduce a dozen sites to one or two sites. The Teamcenter sites may or may not be in a Multi-Site federation. Site consolidation is a replacement for Classic Multi-Site utilizing 4-Tier architecture. During site consolidation, data (product, site administration and file-related data) is moved from one Teamcenter site (source site) to another Teamcenter site (target site).

Before you begin

Site consolidation requires a multidisciplinary team versed in the business, legal, infrastructure, data management, and end-user issues impacted by the effort.

  • Many business drivers can create a need for consolidation activity, such as infrastructure cost reduction, Information Technology (IT) centralization, and business acquisition.
  • End-user performance considerations, such as network latency, proximity to volume data, and global data sharing patterns, can create the need for consolidation.
  • Business initiatives that drive global data replication scenarios must be considered for successful timing and coordinated data movement.
  • The active growth for source sites and target sites, which impacts server and storage capacity planning and storage area network (SAN) growth requirements, should be determined far enough in advance of consolidation to account for procurement lead time.
  • All involved sites (source, target, and third sites) must be operating at the same appropriately licensed Teamcenter version level, which includes the site consolidation tools. The involved third sites are those that have shared.
  • Teamcenter data with the source site. You can determine these using the Multi-Site Assistant (MSA) sharing profile analysis. The site consolidation tools must be run at these sites during the cleanup phase.

Site Consolidation

Customer is the 3rd largest white goods manufacturer in Europe


  • Reduce IT maintenance and strength backup standards.
  • Propagation of additional departments such as purchasing, sales, marketing and subsidiary units.
  • Consolidated reporting & consolidated Operations.
  • Reducing multisite errors which requires Teamcenter Administrator effort.
  • Addition of new locations & groups becomes easy.
  • Making the system ready for future cloud solutions and integrations with other systems.

Intelizign Advantage

Our consultants work closely with your teams to implement the Site Consolidation that needs data transfer in alignment with your business processes.

  • Over 4+ site consolidation projects executed.
  • 5+ years of Expertise in Site Consolidation.
  • Aligned with Industry best practices in implementing these solutions.
  • Cost effective with right-shore approach.
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Case Studies

Site Consolidation case study

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