Change Management

Teamcenter Change Management: Maximizing Productivity with Effective Change Management

As products and processes evolve, organizations must manage changes effectively to ensure optimal productivity. Teamcenter Change Management is a module within the Teamcenter PLM software that helps organizations manage changes to product data and processes throughout their lifecycle. 

At Intelizign, our experienced Teamcenter consultants can help you implement all the key features of Change Management by following best practices from previous implementation experiences. Our Change Management implementation services include the following: 

Change Requests: Create change requests to capture proposed changes to product data, documents, and processes. 

Change Proposals: Document and review the details of the proposed changes, including impact analysis, cost estimation, and risk assessment. 

Change Orders: Manage the implementation of the change once a change proposal is approved. 

Change Workflows: Automate the review and approval of change requests and change orders with a configurable workflow engine. 

Change Impact Analysis: Analyze the impact of proposed changes on related product data, processes, and documents. 

Audit Log: Maintain a complete audit trail of all changes made to product data, processes, and documents, including who made the change and when. 

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Clear Change Management Processes: Establish clear change management processes that align with your organizational goals and policies. 

Standardize Change Request Forms: Use standard change request forms to capture all the necessary information for proposed changes. 

Approval Workflows: Configure the workflow engine to automate the review and approval of change requests and change orders. 

Impact Analysis: Perform an impact analysis on proposed changes to identify potential risks and impacts on related product data, processes, and documents. 

Accurate Change Logs: Maintain accurate change logs to track all changes made to product data, processes, and documents. 

User Training: Train all users on how to use Teamcenter Change Management effectively. 

Continuous Improvement: Continuously review and improve the change management process and Teamcenter configuration to ensure that it aligns with the changing needs of your organization. 

Benefits Realized by our Customers:

Through our implementation services, we help our customers maximize the benefits of Teamcenter Change Management, including: 

Improved Change Management Processes: By establishing clear processes, standardizing forms, and automating workflows, our customers have reported up to a 40% reduction in time spent on change management processes. 

Increased Collaboration: With accurate change logs and approval workflows, teams can collaborate more effectively on changes, resulting in up to a 20% increase in collaboration between teams. 

Improved Data Accuracy: By performing impact analysis and maintaining accurate change logs, our customers have reported up to a 30% improvement in data accuracy. 

Contact us today to learn how our Teamcenter Change Management implementation services can help your organization improve productivity and stay competitive in your industry. 

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