Teamcenter Gateway Integration

PLM and ERP are two of the most important applications in Engineering & Manufacturing Industries. PLM manages the intellectual property and assets whereas ERP manages the physical and financial assets of the company. As each system becomes more complex with data and process overlaps, the need to share information seamlessly between these systems becomes all the more critical.

There are 3 types of information sharing

  • Data Integration: Bi-Directional data exchange between systems.
  • Process Integration: Business Process Integration.
  • Data Views: View or Query data from external systems without actual data exchange.

SIEMENS Teamcenter Gateway solutions T4S and T4EA

Deliver functionality that’s built on the above 3 pillars of integration and addresses the following key functional requirements.

  • Teamcenter Gateway Solutions support the transfer of data like Parts, Documents, Changes, all types of BOMs, Bill of Processes (BOP) etc. from Teamcenter PLM system to any other external systems such as ERP, Data Warehouse (DWH) etc.
  • Data integration functionality includes bi-directional data transfer and data synchronization.
  • Process integration includes workflow integration and the ability to transfer data via background processes as well as batch processing.
  • Data federation is supported with two powerful functions: Data view and Queries.
  • Reliable and Scalable Teamcenter Gateway solutions have a full suite of administrative tools to ensure that all aspects of the Gateway software are always up and running and are scalable to support all your enterprise needs.

Intelizign Advantage

Our consultants work closely with your teams to incorporate your System Integration needs between Teamcenter PLM and ERP/Enterprise applications for data exchange in alignment with your business processes.

  • Over 20+ project implementations using Teamcenter Gateway (T4S/T4EA) solutions.
  • Integrated over 80+ ERP and Enterprise systems working for various customer across the globe.
  • 15+ years of Expertise in PLM, ERP and Enterprise Application Integrations.
  • Recognised by SIEMENS as one of the best partners in providing Implementation services with T4X suite of product.
  • Aligned with Industry best practices in implementing these solutions.
  • Predefined implementation templates providing reduce cost and reduced implementation time advantage to the customer.
  • Cost effective with right-shore approach.
  • Implementations aligned to the Product Roadmap through Intelizign’s Collaborative Product Development partnership with SIEMENS.
  • Ready customer references.


  • Proven solution from SIEMENS validated with more than 20+ implementations across the globe.
  • Seamless bi-directional integration providing closed-loop integration.
  • Reduced Cost, Effort and Implementation Time as the solution is highly configurable.
  • Intuitive user-interface enabling efficient monitoring and control of data exchange transactions.
  • In built Application views for integrated systems within Teamcenter enables easy view and query of data from other systems.
  • Provides script based mapping making it easy to deploy as well as make changes.
  • Multi-mode integration facilitates through Online, synchronous or asynchronous integration.
  • Comprehensive framework to define simple integration scenarios as well as complex business processes.
  • Easy to modify to support upgrades and data model changes leading to lower maintenance costs.

Case Studies

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