Teamcenter Reporting & Analytics

Teamcenter ® software’s reporting and analytics solution provides capabilities that organizations can integrate into their PLM environment to gain unprecedented visibility into their business processes and Teamcenter managed data. At Intelizign, we have done more than 25+ successful implementations of Teamcenter Reporting & Analytics wherein enterprises have been able to can establish an information infrastructure that allows them to quickly generate reports and analyses in a wide variety of formats from graphical dashboard displays to easily configurable HTML formats that are embedded in Teamcenter and can be delivered by email, generated as PDFs or exported to Excel spreadsheets. With an average number of about 30-40 reports per implementation, we have been able to successfully help our customers realize the benefits of the Teamcenter system and dashboards have enabled customer leaders and executives view reports in a ‘easy to understand’ format that suits them. 

How has been our experience with Reporting & Analytics?

We have been able to realize the following capabilities and benefits to fit customer needs.

  • Web-based, easy-to-use system compiles, analyses and presents data in different formats throughout the lifecycle of the product.
  • Data aggregation functionalities bring multiple data sources together into consolidated format and present it in different metrics/views.
  • In many cases, no additional Data Warehousing required.
  • Data can be fetched without overriding native applications security and business rules.
  • Transforming enterprise-wide data into actionable analyses.
  • Highly scalable SOA compliant open architecture.

Teamcenter Reporting & Analytics

Germany based Hi-Tech Automation and Heavy Machinery organization with several business units


  • Web based, light weight client that runs over the browser.
  • Maps multiple data sources for distributed data mapping. Allows viewing, reporting and analysing the data from multiple dimensions.
  • Real time query generation makes data mapping easier.
  • Data can be viewed using drill-up and drill-down functionalities and also on graphical perspective.
  • Caching mechanism for enhanced performance. Frequently used reports can be cached based on admin defined requirements.
  • OLAP capabilities enable users to view data from various resources such as reports, graphs or OLAP with drill-up drill-down, drag-drop capabilities.
  • Reports can be presented using different metrics and dashboards.
  • Dynamically forms a single view of data for analysis, thus eliminating the need for a data warehouse or data mart.
  • Enables users to Embed Teamcenter Reporting and Analytics as part of their software solutions or portals.
  • Provides administrative tools that allow setup of role based user access privileges. Teamcenter Reporting and Analytics can be used with single-user sign-on capability (SSO).
  • Reduced Cost, Effort and Implementation Time as the solution is highly configurable.
  • Easy to modify to support upgrades and data model changes leading to lower maintenance costs, thereby lesser cost of ownership. 

Intelizign Advantage

Our TCRA experts take the complete ownership of your reporting requirements providing solutions that are not only Technical Compliant but also bringing Functional Value to your business reporting. Some of the key advantages that Intelizign brings to Teamcenter Reporting and Analytics implementations are as enlisted below.

  • Successfully implemented reporting for different domains like Automotive/Hi-Tech/Medical Devices/Oil and Gas/Home Appliances just to name a few, across the globe. 
  • Extensive experience in all aspects of Teamcenter Reporting and Analytics implementations covering all facets of Configuration and Customization.
  • Best Practices and Proven Methodologies for enhanced Reporting performance and lower maintenance.
  • Recognized by SIEMENS as one of the best partners in providing Implementation services with TCRA suite of products. SIEMENS has engaged us on some of the largest implementations of the world.
  • Cost effective with right-shore approach.
  • Ready customer references.

Case Studies

TCRA case study


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