DevOps Engineering

Our DevOps Engineering team is more than a support system; we’re your partners in achieving seamless enterprise implementations. Backed by over 6 years of experience, we specialize in managing and supporting over 50 ongoing development and live applications. As a ISO organization, our use of DevOps used for Agile implementations has streamlined our development/deployment during different Sprints. We have adopted Agile methodology for the last 3-4 years thereby making use of different DevOps tools. Traceability has improved by 20% for all of our implementations. Our global support team, consisting of 20+ experts, ensures operational excellence through key DevOps tools.

In a recent collaboration with a global e-commerce platform, our DevOps Engineering team orchestrated a transformative shift in their application deployment process. Struggling with deployment inconsistencies and lengthy release cycles, the company sought our expertise. We implemented a DevOps strategy that involved:

Docker, Containerd, Kubernetes: By containerizing their applications and orchestrating them with Kubernetes, we reduced deployment variations by 20%, ensuring consistent performance across environments and enabling seamless scaling.

SonarQube: Our implementation of SonarQube led to a 10% reduction in code defects, enhancing application stability and reliability.

Jenkins, GitHub: We established robust CI/CD pipelines, leading to a 18% decrease in release cycle time and enabling the platform to deliver updates with agility.

Our DevOps solutions not only streamlined their deployment processes but also improved their customer experience and accelerated innovation.

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