QA Automation

Quality Assurance is not just a phase; it’s a mindset we infuse into our QA Automation services. Our team is proficient in multiple automation tools, allowing us to achieve an impressive 25% test coverage and a significant reduction in manual testing efforts.

In a recent partnership with a leading financial institution, our QA Automation team played a pivotal role in enhancing their software quality and release efficiency. Facing challenges in maintaining consistent quality across diverse application types, the institution turned to us. We provided comprehensive automation solutions:

UIPath, Selenium, Appium: Our automation framework covered web, desktop, and mobile applications, resulting in up to 50-60% reduction in manual testing effort.

Open RPA, Katalon, UI Path: Leveraging these tools, we achieved 90% test coverage, ensuring extensive validation of critical business processes.

Automation Frameworks: We tailored automation frameworks to their unique needs, enabling a 40% reduction in regression test cycles.

By partnering with us, our customers achieved a higher level of software quality, faster releases, and improved customer satisfaction.

Our RPA specialists have automated many use cases across different projects. In collaboration with a major logistics company, our RPA team led a transformational automation initiative. Faced with manual and time-consuming logistics processes, the company was looking to optimize their operations. We crafted bespoke automation solutions:

UI Path, Open RPA, Microsoft .NET: Leveraging these technologies, we automated their order processing workflow, resulting in a 15% reduction in processing time and eliminating errors.

Power Automate: We streamlined their invoicing process, reducing invoicing cycle time by 18% and enhancing accuracy.

Customized Automations: Building tailored RPA solutions, we addressed their unique challenges, achieving a 20% reduction in manual intervention across various processes.

Our RPA solutions were pivotal in optimizing their operations, increasing efficiency, and enhancing customer satisfaction.

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