Data Engineering & Migration

Our Data Engineering and Analysis team excels in managing and processing data migrations of varying scales, from Terabytes to Petabytes. Our expertise extends beyond technical execution; we understand the nuances of different industries, with a particular focus on Manufacturing data. With a portfolio of over 25 successful projects, we’ve proven our ability to deliver results.

Through our Data Engineering and Analysis expertise, we’ve successfully transformed a manufacturing giant’s data ecosystem. In a recent project, we tackled their Terabyte-scale production data, revolutionizing their operations and decision-making processes. Our team harnessed cutting-edge technologies, including:

Hadoop, Scala, Apache Spark: This trio of technologies enabled us to process and analyse production data 20% faster, uncovering hidden patterns.

Tensor Flow, PyTorch: By implementing machine learning models, we identified a 15% reduction in defects and a 20% increase in overall yield.

Python, Pandas, PySpark, Numpy: These tools facilitated the real-time monitoring of machinery, resulting in a 15% decrease in unplanned downtime.

We take pride in translating raw data into actionable insights, guiding your strategic decisions with the power of information.

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