Low Code / No Code Solutions

Empower your business with our Low Code/No Code solutions, designed to optimize development efforts and maintenance costs. Collaborating with a prominent healthcare provider, our Low Code/No Code solutions delivered transformative results. Struggling with lengthy development cycles for internal applications, the provider sought our expertise. 

We harnessed our Low Code/No Code proficiency to provide:

Mendix, Polarion, Microsoft PowerApps: Our certified developers rapidly created a custom patient management application, reducing development time by 25-30%.

Strong Partnerships: Leveraging our 17+ years partnership with Siemens Mendix core team, we ensured the application’s scalability and reliability.

Microsoft PowerApps Developers: Our dedicated team of 25+ PowerApps experts developed a claim processing solution, cutting down processing time by 40-50%.

Through our Low Code/No Code solutions, the healthcare provider achieved unprecedented efficiency gains and improved patient care.

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