Manufacturing Data Management

Customer Brief​

The customer is a household appliances manufacturer in Turkey and engages in the production and marketing of durable goods, components, consumer electronics and after-sale services. The Company operates 10 production plants in Turkey, Romania and Russia, its products include white goods, electronic products, small home appliances and kitchen accessories, such as refrigerators, freezers, washing machines, dishwashers, cooking appliances, aspirators, vacuum cleaners, coffeemakers and blenders. Active in more than 100 countries including China and the United States through its 13 international subsidiaries and over 4,500 branches in Turkey.

Project Highlights​

  • A generic solution for over 10 production plants, where each plant producing different type of Product(whitegoods).
  • Design and Implementation of Assembly Operations management with Advanced Assembly Planning concepts from Siemens.
  • Design and Implementation of In-house and Supplier Operations management.
  • Integration with in-house developed Manufacturing Execution System(MES).
  • Process transformation and Data migration from different systems to Teamcenter.
  • Various reports for Assembly line planning, Data analysis, and to maintain manufacturing data integrity.
  • Highly cost effective implementation with proven offshore and onsite model from Intelizign.
  • Complete solution Architected and Implemented by Intelizign team of consultants and developers.

Customer Benefits​

  • In the process of migrating data to Teamcenter from different sources, manufacturing data was standardized and up-to 15% of redundancy was eliminated.
  • Up-to 25% of activity time was observed to be inaccurate which was fixed, resulting inefficient Worker planning.
  • Bill of Process Change Management was implemented by integrating with BOM Change management.
  • Teamcenter was made the one point of manufacturing data management.
  • MES System displays up-to-date Operation plan to the workers in shop-floor with the help of Teamcenter SOA based Web-service.
  • Cost benefit with onsite offshore based implementation.
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