Supplier Collaboration / SRM Integration

Customer Brief​

Germanybased Hi-Tech, Automation and Heavy Machinery organization has large number of parts which are designed by in-house team 

and manufactured externally by selected list of Suppliers. These parts are called Hybrids Parts and the process is called External Manufacturing. In this process there is a great need of sharing necessary documentation and Manufacturing data with the Suppliers.

Project Highlights​

  • Globally over 500+ Suppliers were connected using SRM solution.
  • Drawing and document distribution to suppliers and partners.
  • Automatic event creation and package exchange with suppliers using work flow integration.
  • With TC11 upgrade also upgraded the older SRM version to latest SCF2.0.
  • Configuration of OOTB workflows and methodology reduces implementation efforts.
  • Highly cost effective implementation with proven offshore and onsite model from Intelizign.
  • Complete solution Architected and Implemented by Intelizign team of consultants and developers.

Customer Benefits​

  • 20–25% reduction in communication cycle time with Supplier and replaced manual/email data communication processes.
  • All the communication with suppliers got consolidated around business object being exchanged with traceability of information flow.
  • Manual approval processes for sharing design data with suppliers replaced by automated electronic work flows and online status display.
  • Web-based requisitioning, bidding, and supplier interaction provide ease of us.
  • Teamcenter services became more stables than it was running with Widows platform.
  • One of the reference implementation for many customers of SIEMENS PLM.
  • Cost benefit with onsite offshore based implementation.
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