Simulation Data Management (SDM)

Customer Brief​

Germanybased Hi-Tech, Automation and Heavy Machinery organization has large number of parts which are designed by in-house team 

and manufactured externally by selected list of Suppliers. These parts are called Hybrids Parts and the process is called External Manufacturing. In this process there is a great need of sharing necessary documentation and Manufacturing data with the Suppliers.

Project Highlights​

  • SDM implementation is done over 3+ customer plants
  • Project Dashboard for Live Project Status Updation.
  • Knowledge Management Status Report Implementation.
  • Report Automation for the Systems such as BIW, HoodAutomation, Taildoorautomation,  Dimplingetc
  • Implementation of the complete Report Automation from the FEModel to Report for Vehicle Dynamics Department in CAE
  • Implementation of MIS(InformationSystems) function which provides dynamic status reports on DVPs and technology related documents such as Design Guidelines, PDCA, Quality checksheets, Correlationreports, etc. manufacturing data integrity.
  • Highly cost effective implementation with proven offshore and onsite model from Intelizign.
  • Complete solution Architected and Implemented by Intelizign team of consultants and developers.

Customer Benefits​

  • All CAD data management from Teamcenter
  • Huge cost and time saving through collaborative designing and single system for data management
  • One of the reference implementation for many customers of SIEMENS PLM
  • Cost benefit with onsite offshore based implementation
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