Teamcenter Reporting and Analytics (TCRA)

Customer Brief

Germany based Hi-Tech, Automation and Heavy Machinery organization with several business units having various manufacturing facilities was looking for a reporting solution to cater to its requirements for various kind of reports in different and localized formats drawing information from centralised Teamcenter PLM and other legacy database systems.

Project Highlights

  • Over 170 reports are available in 25 categories and used by more than 3000 users which include 100+ users concurrently using the solution.
  • Over 300 users logged in per day to use the reporting solution. Daily upto 1200 reports are initiated by users.
  • Monthly over 40000 reports created automatically via EMS.
  • 3000000 objects fetchedby TCRA(byusers) per month.
  • 2500000 objects fetched via EMS per month.
  • Reports includes BOM, MBOM reports Item/Item Revision History Reports, Shopøoorreports, Item/Item Revision Comparison reports,
    Signoff reports, ChangeManagement/Change Order reports, Event Management System(EMS)reports, Initial Sample Inspection Reports(ISIR),Teamcenter Integrated reports.
  • Highly cost effective implementation with proven offshore and onsite model from Intelizign.
  • Implementation using latest version of Teamcenter and TCRA(Version10.1.4)
Tm 10

Customer Benefits

  • Reduced implementation time and cost using generic & reusable solutions.
  • Enabled faster decision making through highly intuitive reports and business analytics.
  • One view for data and information from Teamcenter as well as Legacy Data Warehouses.
  • Reduced maintenance and upgrade cost by maximizing configurations and optimizing customization.
  • Cost benefit with onsite offshore based implementation.
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