Site Consolidation

Customer Brief

Customer is the 3rd largest white goods manufacturer in Europe and embarked in the PLM Implementation Project in order to be competitive in the white goods business and use cutting edge technology to manage its R&D development and Product information. With 1310 
users, this was the first PLM Project in turkey in terms of scope and size.

Project Highlights

  • Created the central site in Linux using Oracle database with UTF-8 support.
  • An orchestration tool was designed to collect and sort data, control transfer and report.
  • Successfully moved more than 1.3 million items from different sites to the single site along with 12TB of volume data.
  • Replication of 12000+ in process workflow jobs. Arçelik implements 60 business workflow process templates. 
  • An average of 5 parallel transfer channels, around 10,000–15,000 items nightly.
  • Implemented advance configurations like Pool Manager clustering, FSC load balancer, Store and Forward and Whole file Cache technology to increase the data accessing speed.
Tm 10

Customer Benefits

  • Reduced IT maintenance and strengthened backup standards.
  • Consolidated reporting.
  • Reduced system down time and Data model deployment was required only on a single serve.
  • UTF8 for supporting multilanguages.
  • Teamcenter services became more stables than it was running with Windows platform.
  • Administrator’s effort was reduced as there was no multi site error.
  • Addition of new locations & groups becomes easy.
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